Introducing Xabber

Open-source XMPP client
for Android and Web

Xabber is built around open source
standards, interoperability, design
and user experience

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First class XMPP experience

Until Xabber came around XMPP was associated with sub-par chat experience compared with proprietary messengers. With Xabber and professionally managed XMPP service you get slick and easy to use application plus all the benefits of true federated protocol.

All the latest features

All the latest features

We make sure that servers support all functionality that is present in Xabber. We make sure that everything works as intended so you can enjoy Xabber at it's best

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Professionally maintained

XMPP servers are run by professional team that has developed Xabber. You never have to worry about reliability or downtime.

Professionally maintained
Avaliable on multiple platforms

Avaliable on multiple platforms

Xabber is available for Android and Xabber for Web can run on any platfrom with modern browser. 

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Device Synchronization

All connected devices on any platfrom are seamlessly synchronized. Start conversation on phone, continue on desktop, finish on tablet. 

Device Synchronization

About developers

Xabber was originally developed by Redsolution. In early 2013, Xabber was licensed under GNU/GPL v.3 license and quickly became the most popular XMPP client for Android. Since then, a number of individuals joined Xabber as developers, testers and translators.

Our goal is to create a stable, reliable and user friendly ecosystem for instant messaging that does not rely on proprietary services. We welcome anyone who believes in open standards and free information interchange to take part in moving Xabber forward.

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