Speaking your own language

Xabber is available in multiple languages thanks to many fine men and women from all over the world who took part in translating Xabber. Their efforts made Xabber accessible in native language to lots of people from many different countries

Right now, Xabber is available in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional)
  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (and Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian

Several more languages are almost ready to join this list. 

Previously, we have used webtranslateit to translate Xabber. It served us well for many years, but now we've overgrown free tier limitations. Currently we are using CrowdIn Localisation Management Platform. If you wish to join our translation team, just follow this link

Translation heroes

There are two versions of Xabber. Modern Xabber is available on Android 4 and higher, while old Xabber (known now as Xabber Classic) is available for old versions of Android (2.3 and earlier). Fittingly, those who took part in translation of Xabber Classic on WebTranslateIt service have earned special titles of translation heroes of a classical age.

Translation heroes of a classical age

Genghiskhan, VovansystemS, Dominik Labuda, Jimmy Xu, Peter, Francesco Betti Sorbelli, Sgs, Yann Verry, Kovács László Tamás, Jimmy Xu, Rafael Raposo, Tayfun Asker, Naofumi F, Olexn, reza Kazemi, Qrix, Arnaud Abélard, Ricod1996, Hristo Pantaleev, Charlie Hurel, Aelmahmoudy, Swift Geek, Miguel A. Arévalo Hernandez, Przemek Błaszków, Nicky Lin, Sven Rohweder, Sven Henze, Sebastian Schneider, moepi, Sneer, Renzo, Adil İLHAN, Valentijn Sessink, Niklas Casper, Dominik Labuda, Merve Uluser, Radim Miklušák, Philippe HARANGER, Guille Lopez, Dulce Androide, Fang, Steven Le Roux, Dev, Benjamin Esquivel, Harald, Anna Demenchuk, Izmailov, Pedro Asborno, Kristian Rink, Julian Berkner, Viliam Tokarcik, Tagrain, A. Simokhin, Devianpctek, Nicky Lin, Jakob Bleier, Thomas Raschbacher, Omolon, Vadim Kotov, Fosstux, Marco, DWizzy,

Your contribution to our project is greatly appreciated, and your glory will fill the internets untill the end of UNIX time (and maybe even longer).

Modern version of Xabber is translated using CrowdIn service. In the near future we'll make use of their API to display modern translation champions on this very page. 

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