Privacy policy

Storing Data

We store user data that is required for providing communication services to users of communication services provided by Redsolution. We do not store or have any access to user data who do not have Xabber Account or XMPP accounts on our servers.

We do not have any access to application data stored on user devices.

Xabber Account data

Xabber account is required to subscribe to communication services provided by Redsolution. To provide service we gather following information:

  • Username
  • Email address list
  • Connected social accounts
  • Connection information, including IP address used to access account
  • Account registration IP address is stored to help detect automated registrations
  • Subscription information
  • Billing information

XMPP account data

XMPP servers store the following data about users:

  • XMPP ID, consisting of user name and domain, used for identifying your account
  • Hash of the password to your account for authorization when your client connects to the server
  • Roster information
  • Conversation history is stored for 1 month (indefinitely if you have enhanced account)
  • Uploaded files are stored for 1 month (enhanced accounts might store files longer)
  • Date and time of account creation and when your account was last used

When using gateways/transports, the XMPP server stores the following information:

  • Username and password (if necessary) to connect to that transport (e.g. ICQ, Telegram...).
  • A log laying out which XMPP ID at what point of time used which user identity to connect to a gateway/transport.
  • We use different software for various transports, which in turn saves data depending on what is needed for using the transport. If you require detailed information, please contact us.

Additionally, an XMPP client may store data on the server. If that data is accessible to others (like a vCard which contains contact details) or accessible only to you (like configuration settings for a XMPP client) lies in the hand of the client you use.

Information disclosure

We will not disclose these information, and we will not do any other behavior that would compromise your privacy and security, except as otherwise requested by domestic law of the United States of America.

Security-aware users are suggested to use end-to-end encryption whenever necessary to protect their privacy.

Service Policy

  • We make efforts to provide secure and stable XMPP service
  • You can use the XMPP service for free, forever (as long as the survival of the project)
  • We will send announce message to online users if we need server maintenance


Please contact us, if you have any further questions.

This server is subject to the laws and regulations of the United States of America.