Xabber Protocol Proposals

These are custom extensions to XMPP protocol by Redsolution. We plan to move with standardisation process once they are finalized.

XEP-0TTT Proper Token Management

XEP-0XXX Reliable Message Delivery

XEP-0RRR Delete and Rewrite Messages

XEP-0GGG Group Chat

XEP-0CCC Client Synchronization

XEP-0UUU: Extended Chat State Notifications

XEP-0FFF File and Media Upload

Deprecated XEPs:

XEP-0PPP Previous Message ID (decided we can do without this one)

XEP-0YYY Recent Conversations (decidet we can do without this one either)

XEP-0MMM Conversation Metadata (superseded by XEP-0CCC)

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