Xabber Protocol Proposals

These are custom extensions to XMPP protocol by redsolution. We plan to move with standardization process once they are finalized.

Xabber Extension Protocols Relations diagram. It is useful to understand how our protocol proposals are structured and depend on each other.

ID Name Status Date
XEP-TOKEN Token Management Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-DELIVERY Reliable Message Delivery Candidate 2020-07-16
XEP-MARKERS Stanza Markers Draft 2020-07-16


Message Delete and Rewrite Draft 2020-07-16


Groups Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-CHATSTATE Extended Chat State Notifications Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-PUSH Xabber Push Notifications Draft 2020-07-27


XEP-SYNC Client Synchronization Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-ARCHIVED Archived Chats Concept TBA
XEP-PINNED Pinned Chats Concept TBA
XEP-HIDDEN Hidden Chats Concept TBA
XEP-REFERENCES Xabber References Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-FILE File Sharing Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-VOICE Voice Messages Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-STICKERS Stickers Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-FORWARD Forward Messages Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-MARKUP Markup Draft 2020-07-16
XEP-HASHTAG Hashtags Concept TBA
XEP-SEARCH* Search by Reference Concept TBA
XEP-GEO Geolocation Concept TBA

Deprecated XEPs:

XEP-0PPP Previous Message ID (decided we can do without this one)

XEP-0YYY Recent Conversations (decided we can do without this one either)

XEP-0MMM Conversation Metadata (superseded by XEP-SYNC)

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