Refund policy

Once initiated by you, payment obligations are non-cancelable. redsolution OÜ will not issue refunds or pro-rate any Fees for early cancellation or termination of the Services, or for any other reason, including for any unused Services or if your actual usage of the Services falls below the purchased amount applicable to your consumption level for the Services.

Note that you are billed for active services on daily basis. If you find yourself not needing the service you have subscribed to, you may cancel this subscription and use the remaining funds on other services offered by us.

Chargebacks and disputes

If you have a question about charges made to your Account, please contact us immediately. If the charges were made in error, we will credit your Billing Account or Payment Method for the appropriate amount. Please note that redsolution OÜ has a zero tolerance policy for chargebacks. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment that is found to be valid will be permanently banned from use of any and all Services.

This document was last updated on July 15, 2019
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