Xabber features


Communication features

Multi-account support

Xabber supports unlimited amount of XMPP accounts. You may even chat with your different selfves using Xabber.


Xabber is compatible with all standard XMPP servers. Ejabberd, Prosody, Operfire, etc.

Pre-configured services

Many popular services support XMPP. Their settings are pre-configured in Xabber.

OTR encryption

Xabber is secure. You may choose to encrypt your conversations. Say ‘no’ to David Cameron and his NSA/FBI/CIA/FSB friends!

Multi user chat

Exchange messages in the context of a room or channel, similar to Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Android contacts integration

Each configured XMPP account may be integrated into Android system contacts.


Usability features

Quick chat switching

Swipe sideways to quickly switch between active conversations.

Customizable roster display

There are tons of options to customize contact list appearance according to your preferences.

Rich notification settings

You may set individual notifications for each account, group and contact.

Rich visibility settings

Xabber is one of a few clients that allows different visibility settings for each account, groud and contact.

Notify on key phrases

Individual sound for key phrases matching text, jabber ID part, part of contact group. Yes, regular expressions are supported.

Clever color codes

Xabber is relies on color codes and accents to help users manage many connected accounts.


Xabber is an advanced XMPP client with many unique features that make it stand out among other client XMPP software. Xabber primary goal is to provide best possible mobile chat experience, flexibility and customization. Xabber has many features that help us achieve that goal:

  • Chat history

  • Export history to SD card

  • Emoticons

  • Inline hyperlink support (web pages, YouTube, e-mail, phone numbers, XMPP Uri)

  • Avatars

  • View contact's information (vCard)

  • Grouping contacts by groups and/or accounts

  • Contact search

  • Full Unicode support, chat in any language

  • Portrait and landscape views

  • Stream compression (not all servers supported for now)

  • Resources/priorities

  • TLS support

  • Legacy SSL support

  • SASL support

  • Check for the server certificate

  • SRV record and DNS round robin support

  • Client software icons in contact list (Adium, Empathy, Gajim, Gtalk, iChat, Miranda, Pidgin, Psi, QIP, Xabber, Xabber VIP)

  • Typing notification support

  • Message delivery receipts

  • Shortcut to a chat on home screen

Supported Protocols

Xabber supports many extensions to XMPP protocol:

  • RFC-3920: XMPP Core
  • RFC-3921: Instant Messaging and Presence
  • XEP-0030: Service Discovery
  • XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat (incomplete implementation)
  • XEP-0054: vcard-temp
  • XEP-0078: Non-SASL Authentication
  • XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications
  • XEP-0091: Legacy Delayed Delivery
  • XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities
  • XEP-0128: Service Discovery Extensions
  • XEP-0138: Stream Compression
  • XEP-0147: XMPP URI Scheme Query Components
  • XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatars
  • XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts
  • XEP-0199: XMPP Ping
  • XEP-0203: Delayed Delivery