Why do we need money?

One might ask, why do we need so much money to develop a simple chat app?

Because Xabber is not just a chat app. We develop a lot of things to make Xabber a first-class messaging app on every possible platform: on Android, iOS, in any browser and on evert desktop OS that matters.

We have created a new groundbreaking group chat protocol. In July we're going to release an open-source server software that will allow any XMPP server host their own group chats.

Sneak peak of this protocol can be seen on Youtube

Pre-release version of group chats can be experienced live right now!

We're also making great progress with <b>iOS version</b> that is going to be released in a few months. One notable feature that we're bringing there is <b>voice and video chat</b>, for real, in an XMPP client!<br> <br> We've already solved most technical problems that prevented XMPP from working flawlessly on Apple devices. iOS version is now rapidly maturing and we expect to release it in a few months, but you can already sign up for beta testing <a href="https://github.com/redsolution/xabber-ios/wiki/Preview">here</a>. Check out those VoIP calls!

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