Incognito groups

A group chat that keeps your identity hidden

In incognito groups your identity is hidden from regular chat participants. You are assigned a random username and a matching icon, and only group admins will be able to see your real XMPP ID.

Here is what you need to know about incognito groups:

  • Your identity is hidden from regular group participants;
  • Group admins and server owners can still access your messages and discover your real identity;
  • It is necessary for group admins to be able to discover real identities of users because of spam issues — it would be impossible to fight spam in fully incognito groups;
  • You can possibly compromise yourself by uploading links and media via your own servers, which can help even regular group members to deduce your real identity;
  • Treat it as a fun way to chat, not as a hardened solution for anonymous group chat. If you need such, join incognito groups using a throwaway XMPP accounts.
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